BeWell Academy


Next to workshops, individual sessions and lectures I founded the BeWell Academy. The focus of this Academy is Energetic Intelligence. In these courses you learn how to work with subtle energies. The more control you get over these energies the more control you get over your thoughts, emotions, body and your life.


If this resonates with you, you are very welcome to join the Academy. 


If you are a coach or another professional who works with people, you can deepen and broaden your practice with knowledge and training in subtle energies.

What I often hear is that while I am transferring knowledge, healing takes place.

Energetic IntelligenceWhat is it about? What use is it to have knowledge of that?


With the ‘Energetic Intelligence’ you learn to keep your energy intact whatever the circumstances. Also, you can protect yourself from unwanted influences from other people or atmospheres. And that is just the beginning of your Healing Journey through which you will be able to handle your states, thoughts and emotions from the deepest level and become an ‘Energy Jedi’. Working with subtle energies is a huge present you can give yourself.


Your personal space

We all have a personal space or energy field. When you meet another person, there is a lot more going on than just talking and seeing. Maybe you know a person who always makes you tired, even when you started a conversation very energetically. This person can even be known as an ‘energy sucker’. Did you know that that can be the case literally? On a subconscious level your energy fields interact. One of the things that can happen is, that you lose your personal energy to that person. It might give him or her some relief, but not for long. So, the next encounter the same thing happens all over again. If it is a coworker, relative or client of you, it is hard to avoid them.


What if you don’t need to avoid? What if you can interact with someone like that and not get drained? Wouldn’t that be nice?


Is Energetic Intelligence for you?

You can benefit from Energetic Intelligence totally for yourself in your private life as well as professionally, especially when you work with people. It is for you if you want to dive deep and work from the underlying energetic level.


If you feel something is missing, or stress, emotions, beliefs, trauma, depression and the like are holding you back from living your full potential, from getting to that power place, I can teach you how to get control over them and feeling empowered again. 


To be able to work in a relaxed way, whether it is for instance as a coach, instructor, therapist or teacher it is important that you take good care of yourself and others physically, emotionally, mentally and very important energetically. Getting knowledge of and working with subtle energies is a way of deep care. If you work on yourself, you will more and more act from an empowered calm place. From that place, what you do will be smoother, more pleasant, efficient and effective. Instead of doing things to become happy, you will do things happily. The impact you have as a 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘧𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘭 is big and powerful, always. Imagine what it would be if you have an extra set of empowering tools at your disposal. You are needed even more.


Image by Cesar Aloy

The whole system I teach consists of  3 Courses, Each Course has several Modules

  1. Energetic Intelligence Course I – Self Healing

  2. Energetic Intelligence Course II – Becoming a Healer

  3. Energetic Intelligence Course III – Becoming a Psychic Reader


In Course I - Self Healing – You learn how to:

  • Feel safe and confident

  • Discriminate your energy from others

  • Protect yourself from energy of your surroundings

  • Be fully energized

  • Fill yourself with the qualities you want

  • Cleaning communications

  • Be the boss in your own head

  • Create and discreate

  • First assess a problem and see if it is really your problem

  • Dissolve such a problem at the deepest level, i.e. energetically

  • Energetically clean and fill your workspace or home

  • Set the mood in such a space

  • Let go of old situations

  • Cell healing

  • Get the help of  ‘the universe’ in manifesting your wishes

  • Clean your energy centers

Course I - Self Healing consists of 5 Modules:

  • Module 1.1 - Fundamentals

  • Module 1.2 - Novice

  • Module 1.3 - Intermediate

  • Module 1.4 - Advanced

  • Module 1.5 - Experienced

After completing this course you are an Energetic Intelligence Self Healing Expert!

In Course II – Becoming a Healer – you learn how to:

  • Prepare for a healing

  • Heal others, with different techniques

  • Stay in your own energy while doing that

  • End a healing

  • Walk out from that healing at least as energized as you were before

Course II - Becoming a Healer consists of 4 Modules:

  • Module 2.1 - Apprentice

  • Module 2.2 - Proficient

  • Module 2.3 - Experienced

  • Module 2.4 - Skilled

After completing this course you are a Master of Energetic Intelligence Healing!


In Course III – Becoming a Psychic Reader – you learn how to:

  • Prepare for a reading

  • Read where your client stands in this life’s Journey

  • Read your client's energy field (aura)

  • Read your client's chakras

  • Answer your client's questions

  • You will practice a lot of psychic readings. Every reading is a challenge in which you learn to discriminate between your projections and clear reading. To give a pure reading you have to go through an even deeper cleansing process than you already have.

  • With every Reading you yourself become clearer until you are crystal clear

  • Modules will follow


After completing this course you are a Energetic Intelligence Jedi!

Format of all the Modules

You can subscribe per Module; that way you have the freedom to stop after every Module and enjoy the fruits of your learning for the rest of your life.

  • Live online modules, one Module per month  

  • Recordings available for 3 weeks

  • Live Q&A follow up call

  • Membership private Facebook support group

  • Homework is applying and integrating your exercises in everyday life


Each Module is a one week Live online (Re)Treat

Each Retreat has 4 live online lessons

Each lesson is about 2 hours

Days and times: Saturday 14.00-16.00 CET, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 16.30-18.30 CET

Between the lessons:

  • You do the exercises at least one time a day

  • You practice what you have learned in everyday situations

  • You can ask questions in the next lesson or in the private FB group