Biohacking by Breathing & Healing

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Biohacking by Breathing & Healing


A definition of Biohacking is optimizing yourself and your biology. You can influence your state of mind and state of being by consciously Breathing and Healing.


How do mind, nervous system and breath relate to each other? 


You can say mind is your thinking, your thoughts, your beliefs, which actually are forms of energy. You could define mind as a field of energy. You could see your nervous system, of which your brain is a part, as an antenna that picks up your thoughts and in short converts them into proteins which change the structure of the neurons in your brain. These neural pathways are part of your nervous system. Your nervous system influences your breathing. For instance, if you are anxious, your sympathetic nervous system is active, you will breathe high and fast. If you are calm, your parasympathetic nervous system is active, you breathe slow and low. 


But it works also the other way around. I call your breathing the remote control to your nervous system. If you breath high and fast you will activate your sympathetic nervous system and you become active. If you breathe slow and low, you will activate your parasympathetic nervous system and your mind becomes calm.


Your state of mind your nervous system, and your breath influence each other. 


How can you optimize yourself and your biology?


One of the simplest ways is to use your breath. There is no good or bad way of breathing. It depends on what state you want to be in. If you want to change your state, you can do that by changing your being.  An example is downregulation. If you are stressed, you breathe fast, high and your inbreath is longer than your outbreath. If you want to slowly calm down, you slowly lengthen your outbreath focusing on your belly. Then your nervous system goes from sympathetic to parasympathetic which gives you a calm state of mind.


This works even better if you have calming thoughts. The mind itself is a powerful tool. For instance, if you have a mindset that makes you do things forcefully, you might do the downregulation forcefully and although a calm breathing should calm your nervous system and by that your mind, it might not work right away, or it can even become counterproductive. In that case it is very important to address and investigate into your beliefs. This is something breathers might overlook.


It is important to know that your beliefs highly influence your perception. Your mind can be directed outwards or inwards. If you direct your attention outwards, you get a lot of stimuli which influence your nervous system. If you turn your mind inwards, you can be aware of the influence of the mind on your perceptions. This awareness is the first and necessary step to investigating your mind.


You can investigate and change your mind in many ways. One of the ways is working with energy. I call that Energetic Intelligence. It is an intelligent way of working with energies, either by learning very effective exercises, which are self-healing on a very deep level, or by receiving a healing from someone else. 


As a breathwork and energy biohacker I can teach you to optimize yourself. You can experience this optimization in group breathing sessions or in individual sessions.