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What will you get out of coaching with me?


It depends on what you want. That is what we will establish first. Do you have a goal, if so, what kind of goal is that? How ‘far away’ are you from your goal? Where are you now? From that base we can establish a coaching trajectory.


During this trajectory, extensive knowledge and many tools from the field of psychology, religion science, believe management (mindset), breathwork biohacking and energetic intelligence are available to me.




Whatever the goal might be, in my opinion the underlying quality of any goal is to gain more freedom. This freedom can manifest on any level.


For me the deepest level, if you can even speak of level, is the freedom a human being can ‘attain’ by spirituality. Actually, many people are spiritual seekers without even being aware of it. Having said that, in these intense times more and more people explicitly want to dive into the deepest or highest level and seek the absolute freedom which many spiritual paths or practices promise.


Many people long for a deep connection with nature and other human beings and define that as spirituality.


Spirituality is my passion. Therefore, I had the privilege to become a Religion Scientist and attained my Masters in Interreligious Spirituality specialized in Advaita Vedanta. There it became clear that it is a challenge to define spirituality. There are many forms of spirituality and they range from inadequate to high quality. To discriminate between all these forms, you need a sharp clear mind. 


During all the years that I taught and coached people, I discovered that spirituality can also be used as a flight from daily life or psychological discomfort. It is possible to do so if people don’t embody their spirituality.


Therefore, I am even more passionate about embodied spirituality. Otherwise, it has the danger to become a hobby or an escape. 


So, if you have the urgency to become free, whether it is on a superficial or on the deepest level, you are very welcome to contact me.