Meet Vicky Aartsen


Teacher & Healer

Energetic intelligence



My mission is to give maximum happiness

to a maximum number of people

for maximum time


A selection of my credentials:

  • Clinical and Developmental Psychologist- University of Utrecht

  • Religion Scientist - Inter-religious Spirituality at Radboud University (specialization Advaita Vedanta, an Indian philosophy)

  • Aura and chakra healer / reader

  • Spiritual healer

  • Reiki Master 

  • Organizational author

  • Professional Avatar Master 

  • Inca Shaman in the line of the Q'ueros Indians of Peru

  • Bio-release and Framework for Change courses.

  • Wim Hof Method Instructor - The Wim Hof ​​Academy

  • BIM (Body in Movement)

  • Embodiment

  • Rebirthing

  • BAM Bridgeman breathing method

  • Conscious Connected Breathing

  • Breathwork Professional with Kasper van der Meulen

  • Quantum Physics with professor Pierre Capel. 

Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Karate, Pencak Silat, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Aikido Principles.


I have been running my own practice since 1984, initially as a psychologist and as an aura and chakra healer / reader. Over time my activities have expanded, and I also work as a trainer, coach, educator, teacher and Vedanta teacher. 

During individual sessions I deal with a wide variety of questions and help questions, from depression and trauma to work-related problems and spiritual issues. 

Courses, trainings and sessions I have developed and/or taught:

  • Training to become an aura and chakra healer / reader, now online!

  • Avatar courses

  • BeWell Intensives, for in-depth experiential belief research and management

  • Eastern Philosophy lectures at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

  • Spiritual teacher, Vedanta teaching and Satsang

  • Guest lecturer leadership programs at the Nijenrode Management Development Center

  • Tai Chi classes

  • Wim Hof Method Training

  • Breathing sessions

  • Online breathing sessions Embodying Power Love and Light with Healing Medicine Buddha Mantra'

  • Live online courses 'Journey Breathing through the Chakras' and ‘Energetic Intelligence’

Author of an upcoming book "Embodied Spirituality".