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On March 14 this year I had a beautiful conversation with my dear friend Wim Hof. Wim is known as a daredevil, famous for his 26 world records. His exposure to scientific research substantiates his method. I love his dedication to bring his beautiful message into the world.


However, there is much more to Wim than his passionate and enthusiastic appearance. There is much more depth than one might see. He is a kind and kindred spirit and except for his knowledge and experience on health and vitality he has much to say about spirituality too. From my interest in the mystic path and my Interreligious Spirituality Studies, I like to share Wim’s thoughts on the spiritual journey.


I so much enjoyed our conversation. And I feel blessed to share this side of Wim with the world. I hope you enjoy it.

Conversation with Wim Hof about spirituality - English part

Conversation with Wim Hof about spirituality - Dutch part

Heart and Lungs Breathwork Masterclass

Have you ever seen how nicely your heart  is tucked in between your lungs?

If you breathe in and hold your breath for a moment and focus on your heart, you can feel the heart calming down. This is because many nerve pathways surround that heart and these nerves are then activated. Your heart likes that and starts beating slower. This is called the ‘one breath break’. Try it! 💨